American Standard

American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning is Griffin Air's go to brand for your needs!  American Standard is known for being the industry's top brand for years.  Consumer Reports have shown American Standard to be at the top of list after list when it comes to durability and consumer satisfaction.  Cutting edge technology, proprietary features, and unwavering commitment to high standards have made American Standard the favorite among premium brand customers.  Meaning if you want the best, you found it!


american standard at griffin air

Why American Standard?
● Made in the U.S.A.
● 10 year parts and labor warranty
● Voted the “Most Reliable” brand of ALL leading brands
● Award winning highest in overall satisfaction
● Environmentally friendly refrigerant.
● Longer lasting Aluminum coils and cabinets
● Over 100 years in the home comfort business
● Spine fin technology for better efficiency
● Rust proof, rugged construction air handlers that uses insulating foam between the cabinet walls much like a refrigerator. This prevents loose, fibrous insulation from breaking off and entering the air that your family breathes.


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