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If anyone knows anything about toilets, it's us at Griffin Air LLC. For years, we have repaired toilets all around the Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula, Mathews, Deltaville, Lancaster area, Gloucester, and Williamsburg. We assure you there is no toilet we can't fix. As long-time Hartfield plumbing specialists, we understand how inconvenient toilet problems are. With our superior repair and friendly service, we can quickly resolve your toilet problem.

Our toilet repair service includes:

Inspection -  Repair -  Consultation

Toilet repair does seem easy and my plumbers often even make it look easy. There are however many things to consider when repairing a toilet. ht_MakeSimpleToiletRepairs_hero_imageOur plumbing trucks have well over 100 different parts to repair toilets. If you take something as simple as the tank seal ”flapper” for instance, we carry dozens of different styles. The reason is that toilets are engineered and designed to operate properly with a very precise amount of water. The type of tank seal you install can affect the amount of water and if incorrect cause the toilet to double or triple flush, to become unable to flush and it can also kill the siphon also not allowing it to properly flush. When our plumbers diagnose a toilet there is also the fact that if it is not flushing properly it might not be mechanical at all meaning it might not be that it needs new parts. It could be that the siphon jets are calcified. This is something that a homeowner or a less experienced plumber may not even know to look for. This can also be fixed but we will always try to give several options so that the customer can choose the best option for them and their family.

10709954-cute-mechanic-boy--Stock-Vector-mechanic-cartoon-autoGriffin Air LLC can address all the problems with your toilet, including clogs and leaks. Our passionate plumbers can fix your toilet with the utmost respect to your home. With your wellbeing in mind, you can be sure we repair your toilet right the first time. Let us help you restore your peace of mind through our comprehensive toilet repair service. Book an appointment with us by calling (804)505-0247.