Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless Water Heater

tankless-water-heater-cumming-gaWe are Middle Peninsula’s Tankless experts.  On the service side we see so many interesting things. It is very seldom (less than 1%) that the reason we are performing a repair is a fault of the tankless equipment. 99% of the time the reason the tankless is failing is that it was installed improperly. The items that are most commonly done improperly are the gas piping and the flue piping. Additionally, not every home is really the best suited for a tankless water heater. When our plumbers discuss tankless as an option for a home owner we look at the big picture. We survey how the hot water is used in the home, how much hot water is used in the home, the layout of the water, gas and flue piping in the home as well as if it is even possible for a tankless to be installed properly with the existing infrastructure. One example of a situation where it is not possible is a condominium building where the existing gas lines are not adequate and the ability to increase their size is not possible. This very example is often one of our service calls. This happens when someone that is not even licensed to install a water heater or a inexperienced plumber tells a customer that they can have a tankless and they go ahead and install it(incorrectly). The worst part is that the tankless will try to work for as long as 2, 3 or even 4 years with the undersupplied gas before the damage gets to a point that the heater starts to fail. Often times by the time that happens the original installer is long gone or will refuse to warranty because it has been more than a year. At that point we are called as the experts and we unfortunately have to give the very bad news to the owner. Sometimes we can salvage the situation but sometimes the unit has to be removed and another option has to be installed. Even the best equipment installed wrong will fail, however the lowest quality equipment installed properly can give you 20 plus years of trouble free service.

tankless-water-heatersMore and more people are choosing tankless water heaters over traditional tanks these days, and for good reason. Tankless water heaters use gas or electricity to provide hot water on demand, reducing standby energy losses from storage tanks that cost you money.  In addition, tankless heaters typically last about twice as long as standard heaters.

However, your tankless heater needs to be professionally installed for optimal energy efficiency, and no one knows tankless heaters better than we do. With state-of-the art technology and an expert staff of plumbing specialists, we have the tools to tackle any job, big or small, residential or commercial. Plus our experience and relationships with manufacturers allow us to offer all parts and labor at unbeatable value!

We start by determining your demand, location, and application for hot water, then we customize a system designed to fit your Image result for bath timeneeds, budget, and home. Your project will be supervised from consultation to cleanup to ensure your complete satisfaction with the process, and our plumbers will work around your schedule.

We mostly install residential and commercial tankless heaters for conventional uses , but they can also be used in garages, pool houses, hot tubs, outdoor sinks, etc. Whether your plans are for residential or commercial applications, one thing you can count on is saving energy, which in turn helps save money, and the environment!

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